SOLID LOGISTICS – Logistics Company for You

Business that requires cargo and goods delivery from abroad is steadily growing. Certainly, to make it profitable there must be a reliable logistics company that will not only prevent loss but also let the business expand and develop.

Company SOLID LOGISTICS, founded in 2006, is the transport and customs company that provides a range of related services. We work daily, without holidays and weekends, and deliver cargo by all means of transport worldwide that is especially important considering a great number of foreign goods in-demand.

Besides goods delivery we provide the following services for our clients:

  • customs services;
  • transport services;
  • storage services;
  • cargo insurance;
  • legal consultation;
  • litigation support in court and Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Being a professional delivery company, we take care of our clients and set the goal to cut clients’ expenses. We achieve it by charges calculation and rational cost assessment. Therefore, you get a transparent image of cooperation and do not suffer any additional loss afterwards.

The result of our work is grateful clients, developing the business with us. A major part of them were helped by big brokers, but they preferred to work with us. After they have the experience working with SOLID LOGISTICS, they choose our company further on. That builds long-term cooperation and it often goes beyond brokerage service. As a result, our clients’ business diversifies and expands. Logistics company SOLID LOGISTICS will make your business grow with ease.