Transport Services

An owner of the business, the part of which is import or export, cannot do without transport services of some good logistics company. Situation often becomes more serious because goods delivery from remote and isolated country or delivery of heavy and off gauge good costs even more than cargo itself as per tariff. Company SOLID LOGISTICS offers shipping to Russia at subjective value without fixed tariff.

We arrange the delivery:

  • From all countries, except of CIS. Any good ordered from the most remote country will be delivered to the door or the nearest store in time.
  • Anywhere in Russia.
  • By all means of transport. Considering your preferences, our specialists will advise what mode of transport will be the most advantageous for the delivery. We handle transportation of goods from abroad by all modes except of railway transportation.
  • Of any type. The only exception is perishable goods.
  • Over-priced.
  • Of any gauge, including extra heavy cargo delivery.

Along with goods delivery to Russia the company SOLID LOGISTICS provides a range of related services, including freight customs clearance (in Northwestern Federal District), warehousing, and freight insurance. Besides that, we also hold legal consultations on logistics and provide litigation support in pre-court and court procedure.

Principal directions, in which Solid Logistics provides transport services, are in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Northwestern Federal District and other Federal Districts of Russian Federation. While calculating the delivery cost and the most convenient route we pay special attention to probable expenses that helps to lower freight cost and protect the client against financial loss in future. Exactly this goal to minimize losses leads to development of their business. In return, we receive sincere gratitude and successful long-term cooperation.