Cargo insurance in SOLID LOGISTICS

Many business owners order goods from abroad. For some of them import is the business itself. In any case, logistics company delivering cargo from abroad guarantees safety of goods. However, not everything can be monitored and controlled, so there is always a risk to damage, lose or destroy products.

Basic way out of the situation is cargo insurance, and a lot of shipping companies offer different types of insurance. The aim of cargo insurance is simple – to prevent possible financial losses caused by carrier or unforeseen and unavoidable events. In these cases the owner of cargo will have compensation of equal value from carrier or insurance company.

Company SOLID LOGISTICS takes care of entirety of cargo under the responsibility, and offers to take out insurance of cargo on favorable terms. Working with insurance company «AlfaStrakhovanie», we offer cargo insurance at the price of 0,15% - 0,25% from declared value of the good. The price may vary depending on the value and type of cargo.

Cooperation between logistics company and reliable insurance company leads to:

  • Insurance payments are made on the basis of existing legislation.
  • Paperwork for cargo insurance becomes quite simple and does not take much time.
  • Payments are made on mandatory basis and in the shortest time.
  • Valuation of the goods produced by independent survey company, which eliminates the possibility of fraud on the part of the forwarder and carrier.

Advantages of insuring in our company:

  • Ability of insurance of all types of cargo.
  • Ability to discuss and settle insurance claims.
  • Consultations with insurance specialist.
  • Ability to obtain compensation in the case of partial or total damage to the goods, as well as in the case of its loss.

If you are worried about valuable, unique or memorable cargo, SOLID LOGISTICS can offer you armed escort for the cargo. It is important to note that during international transporting SOLID LOGISTICS uses cars insured under the convention CMR. It means that insurance is subject to the carrier's liability for damage, destruction or loss of cargo delivered. In this case an insured event is an accident occurred on the fault of the carrier, and payments shall be made by insurance company in which the good was insured. Thus, the carrier having certificate CMR confirms that in case of insured event the cargo owner shall get the compensation.

Such «complex» cargo insurance is a guarantee of our great responsibility for delivered cargo.