If you import or export goods through Russian Federation, you must go through customs control, get all necessary documents and take one of customs treatments of goods.

There are 4 types of customs treatments:

  1. Basic.
  2. Economic.
  3. Completing.
  4. Extra.

Once you submit a customs declaration, an inspection body may apply the following types of actions towards you:

  • Documents verification.
  • Requirement of clarification.
  • Spoken enquiry.
  • Audit arrangements.
  • Customs supervision.
  • Inspection of premises.
  • Inspection of vehicles.
  • Inspection of products.
  • Checking of goods marking.
  • Making research and commissioning of expert evidence.
  • And others.
Customs registration of SOLID LOGISTICS

In case during inspection at the customs control there are not claims to your company, the product may be released in stated mode.

SOLID LOGISTICS will take all issues related to documentation execution upon itself. Working with us you will easily get all necessary documents and you will not have any troubles with customs clearance.